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We will always provide you with a quotation for any photographic work undertaken.  These quotes are fixed and allow for the time a shoot will take and travel expenses, plus any proof expenses. Our quotations also usually include the cost of an agreed number of prints.

As a guide we base our quotations on the following:


Photographer’s time - £25/hour

Travel Costs – 20 pence per mile plus travelling time



6”x4”        -        £6.00 each

7”x5”        -        £7.00 each

9”x6”        -        £9.00 each

12”x8”      -      £12.00 each

Other sizes are available on request



We can also provide additional services such as laminating, printing onto canvas or framing, or produce mouse mats, mugs, T-shirts, jigsaws, coasters etc showing your favourite images – just ask for a quotation!


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Due to the flexible nature of the services we provide, we prefer not to charge on a “fixed package” basis, but instead provide quotations tailored to your requirements.  These quotations are fixed and are calculated to allow for the photographer’s time, the cost of our travel, a Proofs Catalogue and an agreed number of prints if required.


However, we also appreciate that prospective customers need to know how much to budget, so as an approximate guide please find below some typical costs:


Photography at church or licensed venue,                          £295

plus 20 9” x 6” prints                                                        


Photography at church or licensed venue,

         plus photography at the Reception,                           £450

         plus 25 prints


Photography at church or licensed venue,

         plus photography at the Reception,                           £595

         plus photography of the Bride before the ceremony,

plus 30 prints



Digital Services


We will charge £25 per hour for processing digital images and carrying out adjustments to photographs, and reprints at our standard rates (see above).


We will always provide a fixed quotation in advance based on the length of time we anticipate the work will take – please contact us by telephone or email to discuss your requirements.


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Please contact us to discuss your requirements.  We will be happy to meet you at your home and to work out a no-obligation quotation tailored to your special day.  Remember, you will not be shoe-horned into any fixed packages or bullied into ordering a set number of prints; every aspect of the service is totally controlled by you.  Once we have agreed what you want you can forget all about the photographs and focus on the more important aspects of the day.


All quotations will include a Proofs Catalogue and will usually include an agreed number of prints for your album.  We usually supply just the prints so that you can select the album of your choice, but we can supply the album if you wish.


Additional reprints and enlargements can of course be ordered for family and friends; again, we are happy to provide fixed costs for these as part of the quotation.


As with all our photographs, additional services such as framing, printing onto canvas, etc are available – just ask for a quotation.


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