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Please note that the copyright of all images remains the property of Reed Cottage Photography; any unauthorised copying is strictly prohibited by law. Please respect this copyright.



Should you wish to discuss any aspect of the wedding service we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by e-mail or telephone. 

Alternatively, before arranging a no-obligation home visit please explore the photographs on this page.


One of the major benefits of shooting digital images is the ease with which they can be stored. All Reed Cottage Photography images are securely stored and are available for reprints and other services at any point in the future.




And the price for such an individual service? You might be surprised how competitive we are… click on prices for guidance on what we are likely to charge you, but understand that these prices really are only a guide, and that a firm quotation can only be given once we’ve met up and discussed your specific requirements.




This approach makes every wedding we cover truly individual, and ensures that you get what you want – unique quality photographs that you will cherish forever.




On the day our main objective is to take as many quality photographs as possible while minimising the impact on the day itself – there’s nothing worse than a photographer who bosses you and your guests around, or who takes hours over the job.  Our photographer will always be smartly attired, and as a rule of thumb will take his lead from the bride’s father.  It is this attention to detail that distinguishes Reed Cottage Photography from the rest.




We build our service, and ultimately our quotation, based on your schedule for the day, the location, and the time it will take to capture the photographs you want us to take.  Our photographer never covers more than one wedding a day, and is therefore totally focussed on you and your requirements.  He will take as long as necessary to achieve the best possible results.



Many photographers restrict the service they offer by shoe-horning your day into a pre-conceived “package”, limited usually by price.  At Reed Cottage Photography we throw away convention and instead ask one, simple question: “What do YOU want?” We are happy to provide a no-obligation home visit to discuss your wishes even before booking.




The cornerstone of the wedding photography service we offer is individuality.  Your wedding is a unique event, quite literally a one-off, and we believe that the best way to capture the events of the day is to approach it in a unique way.



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